Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well Under Way

With a new blogging community up and running and a new season of visitors shortly to step through our doors, things are well under way for Autumn 2008 here at CEDO.

Kick off your time here with a tidepool excursion this Saturday 30th August from 7-9am, accompanied by CEDO experts. Let the secrets of the tidepools be revealed to you as we hunt for starfish, urchins, anemones and many more wondeful creatures. Especially great for kids!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check Out CEDO's New Website:

Our brand-new website has hit cyberspace and is ready for you to peruse at:

The site has been overhauled and redesigned to make it more friendly, informative and useful. Here at CEDO we are really excited to share it with you.

Our new website can be used to: plan a visit to CEDO in Puerto Peñasco, schedule an eco-adventure, learn about our conservation and research programs, and support CEDO's programs and campaigns, plus a variety of other things, too.

Feel free to post any comments, questions or recommendations about our new site here, or tell us what you think by emailing

What are you waiting for, go check it out now:

the Blog is Back!

A long time has passed since CEDO posted on it's blog, but that time has come to end.

We are going to be redesigning and reconfiguring our blog, adding all types of useful information to it for our eager CEDO friends out there: conservation news updates, photos of nature, wildlife and tidepools, and anything else related to the beautiful and bountiful Gulf of California and Sonoran Desert.

So stay tuned in here at the Tidepool. And check back often, there's bound to be something just for you, like the stunning scenery of Estero Morúa pictured above.